Menu For the Inn of the Welcoming Wench


Beef stew  -4 sp

Boiled crawfish with drawn butter  -4 sp

Poached salmon  -5 sp

Spiced sausages  -5 sp

Stuffed pork chops  -5 sp

Stuffed trout  -5 sp

Steak and kidney pie  -5 sp

Marinated mutton chops  -6 sp

Roast goose  -7 sp

Venison steak  -7 sp

Squab-stuffed pheasant  -8 sp

(All full meals served with bread and honey, potatoes, and string beans, yams, rum-boiled artichokes, cabbage, carrots, or spinach.)



Peppered bread  -8 cp

Oatmeal  -1 sp

Boiled eggs  -2 sp

Fruit and cheese  -2 sp



Beer  -2 cp

Beer, heavy  -3 cp

Ale  -4 cp

Ale, spiced  -7 cp

Mead  -1 sp

Mead, special brew  -14 cp

Wine, table  -8 cp

Wine, Keoish golden  -15 cp

Wine, Sundish lilac  -4 sp

Wine, Urnst white  -5 sp

Wine, Celene ruby  -8 sp

Wine, Furyondian emerald pale  -1 gp

Wine, Velunan fireamber  -3 gp

Brandy, local  -5 sp

Brandy, Keoish  -1 gp

Brandy, Urnst, aged  -3 gp

Liqueur, Ulek Elixir  -5 gp

Menu For the Inn of the Welcoming Wench

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